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Watering Days

South Florida for many years now have had water restrictions. If your house falls under an even number your days to water by law are Thursdays and Sundays. If your house falls under an odd number your days to water are Wednesday and Saturday. Allowed time is 4:00 PM to 10:00 AM. The city can fine you for irrigating on days your are not supposed to, make sure your timer is programmed correctly!


                 2204 nw 22nd street = Thursday and Sunday     


                 2205 nw 22nd street = Wednesday and Saturday

Sprinkler systems with wells and pumps

Run your pump once a week at least 5 minutes, Even if it has rained. It helps in the fight against corrosion build up in your pipes and pump, Which will prolong the life of the system. The last thing you want to do is leave it off for months at a time. That will more likely than not leave your pump unprimed.

Landscaping and wire tracing

Landscapers, They come in to put down grass in your yard and covers your utility boxes! What happens when you need to service one of those valves? You would need special equipment to find them. Wire tracing is something that can sometimes be avoided. Make sure to let your Landscapers know not to cover those utilities. 

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