Monthly and Bi-Monthly complete system checks available. Set the schedule with me and forget it! I will be there to make sure everything is running smoothly. You can avoid that huge water bill due to a break in the line or a wrongly programmed timer.


Broken head? Broken pipes? PVC, Copper Or Cast iron? No Problem! More than one zone running at the same time? No problem! Timer stopped working? Anything you need I am but a call away!

Sprinkler System Design

Need a blue print drawn up for a new system? Just send me a copy of the plans and I can make a sprinkler system design that will satisfy your lawns needs.

Troubleshooting Leaks and Clogs

Some parts of the zone having pressure issues? No pressure at all? I will make sure to have it operational again.

Micro Jet Systems

These systems are For the more delicate projects that don't require a lot of water pressure due to the damage that can occur on sensitive foliage , Like orchid houses and potted plants.

Rain Sensors

This is very important for the environment and if you are on city water. If it rains and you don't have one of these your sprinkler system will keep running and you end up having to spend on plants that already have been watered!

Boiler Drain Installation

 Wish you had a connection for your hose in another location? Do you have a hose that doesn't reach? I can install a new hose bib for you!

Locate lost electric valves

Landscapers cover your electric valve boxes and can't find them? I have the equipment to find them.


Pump Stopped working? Turns on but no water? I can take care of that! 

Backflow Installation, Certification, Testing

 Aside from being a licensed contractor I am also a licensed back flow certified tester. Make sure your back flow is working properly, This is the most important part of your sprinkler system because it keeps your water safe from contamination! Please see attached PDF. After seeing it You will make sure that you and your loved ones are safe from water contamination! Pesticide, salt water, and Meat Contamination just to name a few. 


I will run all necessary permits so you don't have to! Just another advantage of working with us.

Electric Valves and Indexing Valves

Weather it be a electric valves or indexing valves. I will show you the options and try to salvage what I can so you don't have to shell out the big bucks if you don't have to. 


From analog controllers to digital I can take care of it all from installation to programming. Make sure to have yours programmed correctly. It can help save the environment and some money in your wallet!

Chemical tank Install

If you have a well and pump, Chances are you have orange stains on your home Due to rust, Alkalinity, Iron and other element  accumulation in your well water. Not to worry I have the solution! With a chemical tank install you won't have to worry

about the stains any more!


For all your trenching needs! if you need a trench for anything my trenchers can get the job done from 4"- 6" wide from 2"- 36" deep

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